Dir: Anna Dickson
Prod Co: Blakeway North
Broadcaster: C4
Format: 1x60min

Many people who lose dramatic amounts of weight after surgery or dieting believe it will bring the answer to their prayers, a slimmer figure, confidence and better health. But the reality of extreme weight loss can often be anything but liberating, bringing a distressing side-effect: excess skin, and lots of it.

The 30-fold increase in weight-loss surgery in the last decade has left thousands of people with excess skin, but with the NHS restricting subsequent cosmetic surgery, people have been left in body limbo, not happy with the body they had, but hating the body they now have.

This insightful, thoughtful documentary tells the stories of Sarah, Gregg and Pauline, who – after losing 43 stone between them – have been left with shocking amounts of loose skin. They all feel as though they are carrying a shameful secret hidden underneath their clothes.

For the first time, they bare their all and open up their lives, revealing exactly what it is like to live with a ‘baggy body’, and how, through a combination of further extreme surgery and willpower, they are determined to say goodbye to their saggy skin.

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