Leah’s Dream ITV

Prod Co: ITV Factual
Broadcaster: ITV
Format: 1x60min

Some mums drop their kids off at school. Lindsey Garfitt waves goodbye to her daughter Leah at the local ­children’s hospice.
Leah suffers from ­childhood dementia, caused by the rare but fatal degenerative disease Niemann-Pick Type C.
She wasn’t expected to survive past the age of five. This follows her story for the two years up to her ninth birthday.
Leah’s Dream is heartbreaking viewing for all parents. But it’s also one of the most humbling and inspiring stories of a ­mother’s love you will ever see.
Lindsey fell pregnant with Leah at just 16 and has herself since battled a brain tumour. But her devotion to Leah never wavers.
She tells her story in soft, uncomplaining tones, without a shred of self-pity. When she says she was “born unlucky” it’s not a complaint, it’s a fact.
Leah gets her dream. But will Lindsey get hers – to see a cure for her daughter before she forgets who her mum is?