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The three part series : Kate Humble: Living with Nomads starts on BBC2 Friday 5th June  2015

A truly nomadic way of life still be viable in our modern world? Do the pressures of land use, population growth, climate change and technology mean that the future for the nomadic people of the world is in doubt? Kate travels to Mongolia to live with herders in the Southern Gobi desert – a wild, remote region where wolves and snow leopard are still a very real threat, where winter storms can wipe out entire herds and the promise of jobs in the many new mines opening up is undermining traditional ways of life. In Nepal she stays with the very last nomads in the country, discovering how they survive without agriculture and education, existing on only the food they can find in the forests or trade with villagers for the wooden bowls they carve. Constantly on the move, they fiercely hold on to their traditions and culture, but the introduction of cash into their economy for the first time could have a devastating effect. Siberia will present the biggest challenge. In temperatures of minus forty degrees and below, Kate will follow reindeer herders on their winter migration. These people have survived many hurdles and threats to their existence over their long history, but today, as climate change wreaks havoc in the arctic and the world demands the oil and gas hidden beneath the tundra, do they have a future?