INTO THE WILD with Gordon Buchanan BBC 5x60min

Soundology have been contributing titles and incidental music to this new series about to hit BBC later in the spring.

Into the Wild  is a wildlife series featuring a number of celebrity guests that will get up close and personal with some of Britain’s iconic species.

The series will see Buchanan take five of our most well-known actors, musicians, writers and performers on a life affirming adventure getting up close and personal with some of Britain’s iconic species.

Joining Buchanan in the wild will be TV and radio presenter Dermot O’Leary, broadcaster Sara Cox, and ex-Labour spin doctor and broadcaster Alastair Campbell, along side comedian Ed Byrne and Journalist John Simpson.

Buchanan has spent the last 20 years getting close to big cats, bears and wolves all over the world. However some of the most fascinating creatures on earth can be tracked and observed right here in the UK. In celebration of the best of British wildlife, celebrity guests will be taken on the adventure of a lifetime, by one of the most respected wildlife experts in the UK, hoping to encounter iconic and elusive species such as Scottish wild cats, dolphins, otters and basking sharks.

Finding these creatures will demand all of Buchanan’s tracking and filming experience, and his celebrity guests will be pushed out of their comfort zone as they build secret hides, negotiate bogs and tricky scree slopes, as well as climbing trees and diving. Buchanan will do whatever it takes to give his companion a once in a lifetime encounter.

Wendy Rattray, Executive Producer, Hello Halo said: “Into the Wild is a behind-the-scenes wildlife series which takes natural history storytelling in a new and compelling direction. With Gordon as a guide the celebs experience first-hand exactly what it takes to get close to our incredible wildlife – with often surprising, uplifting and unexpected results.”