Exec Prod: Lucy Carter and Steve Robinson
Prod Co: Indus Films
Broadcaster: BBC
Format: 4x60min

We follow presenter Sue Perkins as she travels up one of the worlds greatest rivers the “Mekong”. On her epic journey up through Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China and finally to the source on the Tibet boarder Sue learns how this mighty river affects the lives of communities who depend on it.

we have had the privilege of being able to bring in some fantastic ethnic musicians to play on the score.
Musicians include:
Van Anh on the Vietnamese Dan Tranh and Dan Bau via a transatlantic remote recording session in San Francisco.
Van Anh has just released a CD with The Kronos Quartet so we are very honoured she could play on our soundtrack.
Other wonderful musicians include Great Lekakul to play the Khaen from Laos and Thailand and
Ruard Absaroka to play ethnic chinese instruments such as the Erhu violin, Bamboo flute and the Moon Guitar.
Other musicians include Mike Patton on various Chinese plucked instruments.

We will add a visual excerpt from the series once it has aired on the BBC this summer.

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