Series Producer: James Smith
Prod Co: Indus Films
Broadcaster: BBC2
Format: 5×60 min

Geographically the series covered a different Arctic region each week ranging from Greenland, Arctic Canada, Siberia, Northern Norway and Russia. Hence, the challenging brief musically was to inject a flavour of each of those regions ethnicity.
We had a wonderful time exploring the sounds of the various areas and brought in some great musicians to contribute to the soundtrack.

Northern Norway: Sami Yoikers (traditional singing) from Tromso, Torgeir Vassvik
We held a transatlantic recording session with an Inuit Throat Singer in Montreal
The Siberian national instrument is the Jaws Harp so we have a custom built set made for us by an expert in Hungary.
Mike Patton on Horse Haired Fiddle, prepared Banjo (Mongolia) and Balalaika (for Russia and Canada).
Ben Mandelson on various guitars for Canada and Greenland – Brendan Power on Harmonica to create other worldly soundscapes.