John Barrowman’s Small Animal Hospital C4

Series Prod Matt Masters
Prod Co: Tern TV
Broadcaster: Channel 4
Format: 15×30 / 10x45min

Role: Titles , Stings and all incidental beds

The British are mad about pets and none more so than Hollywood actor John Barrowman.

The Small Animal Hospital with John Barrowman – an insightful and informative programme that delves into the world of pets struggling with an array of ailments and shows first-hand how a team of specialists come to their rescue. The series will be based in one of the leading animal hospitals in Europe – the precinct of Glasgow University’s School of Veterinary Medicine.

Here John will meet a wide range of pets with all sorts of problems including cats, dogs, reptiles, rabbits, ponies and even pet pigs. He’ll witness first-hand the diverse array of troubles our beloved animals face and by immersing with the nurses, vets and consultants he’ll experience the front line of pioneering pet care this astonishing hospital has to offer.

John will also be out and about visiting places that deal with a variety of animal related issues – pet behaviour, medical specialisms such as dermatology and acupuncture, care of exotic animals and common pet issues such as obesity and puppy training. Animal lover John will follow heart-warming transformation stories from the moment the ‘patients’ are brought in, through their diagnosis, treatment and recovery to the moment they are reunited with their owners. We’ll be with them every step of the way.

Expect tears, stress, joy and sheer relief (and that’s just from John!).


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