Afghan Army Girls – True Stories

Dir: Lalage Snow

Format: 1x60min

Broadcaster: True Stories C4

Exec Producers: Steve Warr and Bill Rudgard


Afghan Army Girls provides an unprecedented insight into life as a young woman in war-torn Afghanistan, following three very different female army recruits; Zeinab, Samiya and Homa. These women are trailblazers of their time. They face stigma and shame for joining up, but are determined to better themselves while maintaining their country’s strict traditions. Over six months these three trailblazers learn how to assemble weapons and shoot, do sport and self-defence for the first time, work radios and read maps. The film also follows them home to meet their families who talk frankly about war, marriage, religion, domestic violence, family, honour, love and, above all, what it’s like to be a woman in modern Afghanistan. Dir: Lalage Snow; Exec Prods: Bill Rudgard, Steve Warr; Prod Co: Raw Cut

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