"Soundology have been a revelation to  us. We never thought we could afford composed music but their set up allows us to make even better films and - shock horror - to make money off the soundtracks. The fact that they're as gifted and happy to deliver music for our daytime content as they are our international films is testament to the love, skill and commitment they put into everything. It's a great creative and commercial relationship."

HARRY BELL, Creative Director, Tern TV

""Nainita and Malcolm / Soundology are hugely inspiring and generous collaborators giving each film its own distinct character. On BAFTA-nomintaed THE DAY KENNEDY DIED they created an original score which complimented the storytelling and unraveling of the narrative. They’re hugely talented and creative, able to work under pressure and to ridiculous deadlines and above all else they are completely unflappable. I love working with them!""

LORRAINE McKECHNIE Prod: The Day Kennedy Died

"Malcolm and Nainita have been making beautiful music for our programmes for the past few years now and we have been delighted with their work. They are collaborative, committed, passionate and brilliant and are an absolute joy to work with. Long may it continue."

STEVE ROBINSON, Director of Programmes, Indus Films

"Nainita and Malcolm are everything that I look for in composers. They pride themselves in exquisite production values, they can turn their expertise to a broad range of styles, they deliver excellence at speed and are they are in possession of that most important of skills - the ability to interpret the nebulous splurgings of a director's brain into something precise, evocative and valuable.

Me: "I want it to be British, orchestral, and slightly comedic. Probably use a tuba somewhere". Them: Lots of nodding and silence. We shake hands. They leave. And four days later a file arrives and, somehow, I'm listening to exactly what I wanted. They're magicians who also happen to be thoroughly nice people - and I really can't recommend them highly enough.

NIC GUTTRIDGE, Series Producer / Director Ronnie Corbett's Comedy Britain / The People's Medal

"Malcolm and Nainita have worked with us for over 12 years and have always delivered the most brilliant work often with onerous time and budget constraints. We often get emails asking if our programme music is available to buy and it should be!  Road Wars, Street Wars, Police Interceptors, Neighbourhood Blues, Disaster Eyewitness and Kennedy’s Suicide Bomber are just some of the great soundtracks they have created for us. Our next project is on the drawing board and I wouldn’t consider using anyone else to write the music for it"

BILL RUDGARD, Company Director, RAW CUT TV

"Nainita and Malcolm have created the music for many of my documentaries over the past 25 years. Their scores for films as various as “444 Days” about the American Hostage Crisis in Iran, and “The Day Kennedy Died” have invariably lit up the material, bringing layers of emotion and drama while always respecting and enhancing  the documentary  priorities. Their work for my current film about the Hiroshima bombing is once again a perfectly judged documentary score ."

LESLIE WOODHEAD, Bafta winning film maker

"Right from the start, Nainita and Macolm really entered into the spirit of Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth, writing music that was evocative, dramatic and perfectly balanced for the series. I really hope to work with them again."

DAVID WILSON, Series Producer:  Ancient Greece BBC4

"Over the past twenty years Malcolm and Nainita have come up with very distinctive scores for more than twenty films for my compny Antelope. I cannot praise them enough!"

Mick Csaky, Director / Producer / Executive Producer

"This [The Day Kennedy Died] was an exceptionally competent piece of work, especially as much of the original archive was without soundtracks. This gave the composers a real challenge. The music layered beautifully throughout the production, added a thought provoking element to this atmospheric study of one of the most significant events of the 20th century."