Neighbourhood Blues BBC1

Broadcaster: BBC1
Format: Series 1, 2, 3 (10x45min)
Role: Titles and a variety of themes and beds

Neighbourhood Blues follows special Neighbourhood Policing teams in Kent and Humberside that combat anti-social behaviour. By using community surgeries and ‘beat meetings’, they listen to the complaints of local people about crime that’s affecting their day to day lives.

Instead of simply upping the police presence and pounding the beat in a problem area, the teams sit down and agree a plan to solve the crime at the root cause of the problem. Working with the public they undertake intelligence work, instigate stings, kick doors in and do whatever else it takes to tackle the thugs and criminals at the heart of the problem.

Each episode of Neighbourhood Blues follows the work of the neighbourhood police teams and gets up close with the characters in the unit and the neighbourhood crimes that they are trying to solve.