Prod Co: Raw Cut TV
Broadcaster: Discovery
Format: 10x30min
Role: Titles, Stings and all incidental beds

When disaster strikes, anywhere in the world, there’s usually someone there filming it. In DISASTER EYEWITNESS, footage captured on video, CCTV and mobile phones will put you at the scene when the unthinkable happens

With more and more cameras in the hands of ordinary people, we’re no longer witnessing the aftermath of catastrophes, we’re seeing them as they happen, captured by the lens of an eyewitness.

In Disaster Eyewitness, we meet the men and women who have captured some of the world’s most heart-stopping moments on film. From the collapse of the Minneapolis Bridge to the sinking of the MV Rocknes, we hear first-hand from the victims who narrowly escaped with their lives and the emergency services who saved them. Combined with home video, CCTV and mobile phone footage, detailed computer graphics help explain what went wrong and what lessons can be learned from these catastrophic events.